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Pretoria Noord Toyota opened its doors on April 01, 1983 with a staff of 9 on the south side of Gerrit Maritz Street. The staff consisted of a Dealer principal, Accountant, Store manager, a driver, two cleaners, a mechanic and a sales consultant. The store consisted of 16 new vehicles and 12 pre-owned in an open lot. After 14 months a carport was build to accommodate the new vehicles no closed walls. All pre-owned vehicles were still parked in the open. Only in March 1985 did we start building on the north side of Gerrit Maritz Street and was referd to as “the Dealership” and was completed in February 1986.

Occupation commenced on the first of March 1986 with a total of twenty five vehicles. This project was financed by the ESSO “Petrol” Company and paid back within 7 years.

The Service & Workshop was built in five phases and further expanded over the following 10 years. At the time the staff had increased to a total of five managers, ten  mechanics, four drivers and eight cleaners. Currently we have eight pre-owned vehicles consultants with over 150 certified pre-owned vehicles at any given time for your selection. We also boast a total of ten new vehicle consultants with over 100 vehicles at any given time to select from.

Our Administration staffs have grown to ten. Therefore the total staff at Pretoria Noord Toyota now is an impressive 101. The dealerships latest showroom was completed in December 2007. Our Automark showroom at Rachel de Beer Street was also completed by October 2008.

The building of a new Service Centre was completed October 2013. Such extensive renovations and alterations is an extremely expensive exercise for a private company that does not have any affiliations with any other groups or Toyota dealers once again proving our lifelong commitment to you our loyal customer.