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The only Warranties approved and backed by Toyota South Africa
Exceptional cover at a competitive premium with the option of monthly payments. 24/7 Toyota Roadside Assistance included for period of cover
Full integration with Toyota South Africa systems means hassle-free claim process. All repairs done by Qualified Technicians making use of Genuine Parts

Toyota Genuine Unlimited Warranty

This Warranty extends the cover provided by the standard warranty for a maximum of 6 years or 8 years unlimited km and adds complimentary Roadcover as well as Wear and Tear cover on selected components.

Toyota Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty Plus

This product is designed to re-instate your vehicle’s Warranty and provides cover for an additional 2 years or a maximum of 250 000 km



The Toyota Extended Service Plan is designed to give you a value-added product solution that supports your needs by containing motoring costs. It offers peace of mind and covers all manufacturer-specified services for the duration of your plan. The option to extend your vehicle’s Service Plan up to a maximum of 10 years or 200 000km according to your individual needs is also available from any Toyota dealer.


The Toyota Maintenance Plan is designed to offer true fixed-cost motoring solution by covering all scheduled maintenance and fair wear and tear items. The option to purchase a Toyota Maintenance Plan or upgrade from your Toyota Service Plan according to your individual needs is available from any Toyota dealer. It is available up to 5yrs from the date of original sale or a maximum of 200 000 km




Toyota wants to ensure your safety and satisfaction is first priority — so, it’s fair to say Toyota Genuine Parts are irreplaceable. Always insist on precision-engineered Toyota Genuine Parts – for your family and your safety:

Why Choose Toyota Genuine Parts?

  • Toyota Genuine Parts are designed with precision and attention to detail to achieve outstanding levels of fit and function, making a significant contribution to your Toyota’s value and integrity.
  • Toyota Genuine Parts undergo extensive testing to comply with all recognised regulatory, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Through continuous investments in research and development and cutting-edge technology, 

Toyota Genuine Parts VS Non-geniune Parts

When buying replacement parts for your Toyota, there is no better option than Toyota Genuine Parts for the following reasons:

  • While non-genuine parts may seem attractive due to favourable pricing, they will cost more in the long run due to reduced functionality and substandard quality. The saving when buying non-original parts is insignificant compared to the potential cost of repairs due to damage or failure.
  • The lack of precision in the design and manufacturing of non-genuine parts often lead to poor fit and compatibility. With Toyota Genuine Parts, there are no compromises – they are guaranteed to fit and work.
  • Although non-genuine parts may seem like an exact replica of Toyota Genuine Parts, they are often made from low-grade materials. This inherent lack of quality makes non-genuine parts less effective and shortens their period of serviceability.

Fitment of non-genuine parts will jeopardise the validity of your Toyota’s manufacturer’s warranty, which could have expensive consequences should major components fail and will impact negatively on your vehicle’s resale value. Unlike non-genuine parts, Toyota Genuine Parts enjoy full backing from Toyota in the form of a 12-month warranty, showing our commitment to quality and our customers’ best interests.








When purchasing a Toyota, you invest in a long standing reputation for uncompromising quality, durability and reliability.

For this reason, Toyota Accessories are engineered and tested not just to meet, but also exceed the highest quality standards. With that, vehicle specifications and legal requirements are carefully considered in order to deliver quality products that will fulfil your needs and meet your expectations. Toyota Accessories are designed to enhance your ownership experience without compromising your vehicle’s safety and reliability.

Toyota Accessories are also meticulously fitted to ensure that none of your vehicle’s safety features are compromised and to ensure full compliance with the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. With this peace of mind, Toyota Accessories will no doubt make your Toyota even better.