Toyota GR Supra

Born To Perform

Toyota GR Supra

The all-new Supra is now even more powerful than before. Defined by its classic six cylinder, front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car layout and its iconic styling, the Supra has been exclusively crafted to create a rarefied realm where driver and car become one. The GR Supra delivers the ultimate driving experience on the track or on the street. With 285 kW of power, adrenaline comes standard in the GR Supra.

Discerning Design

The new GR Supra owns the road with intelligent and dynamic design. The chiselled rear of the car evokes memories of previous generations of Supras. The distinctive trapezoidal shape of the bumper also serves to marry a sporty, purposeful appearance to the reduction of body lift through dramatically sculpted lines.

What we have to offer

available models

GR Supra AT

From R1530800

GR Supra MT

From R1494800