Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Master New Adventures In The

Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Introducing the all-new, more powerful, Land Cruiser 300. Conquer the impossible with three formidable new models to choose from, the GX-R, GR-S, and the ZX. Here to tame the untamable, the Land Cruiser 300 has an all-new design, is born from seven decades of off-roading heritage, and is the enduring Master of Africa.

Toyota Safety Sense

The new Land Cruiser 300 boasts safety features that give you the confidence to make unforgettable memories on every adventure. Both the GR-S and ZX models are fitted with Toyota’s next-generation Safety Sense suite of collision-avoiding interventions.

What we have to offer

available models

LC300 3.3D GX-R

From R1458900

LC300 3.3D ZX

From R2004100

LC300 3.5T ZX

From R2043100

LC300 3.3D GR-S

From R2060000

LC300 3.5T GR-S

From R2095100