What is kinto one

KINTO ONE allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of driving a new car without having to own one. It’s a full-service and affordable pay-for-use subscription offer for individuals and companies seeking modern mobility solutions. Businesses can benefit from KINTO ONE as their fleet managers have peace of mind knowing that the service, maintenance, and warranty of their vehicles is taken care of. As an individual, you get access to the latest vehicles without the burden of owning a depreciating asset. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the additional service and maintenance costs. With just one monthly transparent payment, you can take care of the drive while KINTO ONE takes care of the rest.

Perks of kinto one

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Guaranteed roadside assistance, including a towing service to the nearest toyota dealership.


All KINTO ONE vehicles come standard with a stolen vehicle recovery unit.

Better Financial Planning

When you know exactly how much you're in for. You can make better financial decisions. With KINTO ONE, there are no hidden costs, only a single, transparent monthly payment, enabling sound financial planning


Vehicle can become expensive - especially if they break down or need parts replaced. KINTO ONE's single transparent monthly payment is all it takes to negate these worries. No deposit. No extra costs. No nasty suprises.

Tailored to your needs

Choose your kilometers and tailor-make a personalised subscription package to suit your specific needs.

Peace-of-mind driving

Don't worry about additional service and maintenance costs, as the monthly subscription payment includes a maintenance, service, and extended warranty package. Tyre replacement can also be added to the contract.

KINTO Protect

KINTO Protect is a limited liability cover - in the event of theft or an accident - that is included in your plan to enhance you KINTI ONE car subscription.


Wherever you find yourself, with KINTO ONE, you benefit from the convenience of South Africa's most extensive dealer network.

How does kinto one work?

Step 1

Visit your closest dealer.

Step 2

Select your dream vehicle and accessories.

Step 3

Select the mileage and contract duration which best suit your needs.

Step 4

apply for finance and drive off with your brand-new Toyota.

Step 5

Once the contract comes to an end, simply return the vehicle to your closest dealer, and choose your next mobility solution.

Discover the Toyota of your dreams and subscribe with KINTO

The all-inclusive KINTO ONE subscription service gets you your dream Toyota, with all its services and maintenance costs covered, in a single transparent monthly fee. All you pay for on top pf your subscription fee is the fuel you use!