Toyota Lease Financing

It's like Rent-to-own

Lease Financing

With Lease Finance from Toyota Financial Services, you are able to use your vehicle of choice for an agreed period while paying a monthly fee. At the end of the lease period, you can opt to keep the vehicle and take ownership – either automatically, or when you meet specific conditions set out by Toyota Financial Services.


Toyota Financial Services will design a flexible tailor-made finance structure to suit your specific and unique needs.


With lease financing, there is no minimum deposit needed unless there is a change to the current legislation or to your credit profile


If you choose to keep the vehicle at the end of the lease agreement, you need to have followed specific conditions set out in the credit agreement, which includes payments and any other amounts that may be due, then the vehicle is all yours.


The financing periods for your lease can be structured over 12 to 72 months, with or without a final balloon payment. At the end of the term, ownership won’t immediately pass over to you if you have a final balloon payment. You can only take ownership if you refinance or pay the final balloon payment in full. However, once the lease period is over you do have the option to return the vehicle to Toyota Financial Services.


Toyota Financial Services will offer you market-related interest rates on your Lease Finance agreement as you are still financing a specified amount for the vehicle. The rate can be linked to the official prime rate, or you can request a fixed rate for the whole period of the loan


Your Lease Finance Agreement can be structured equally over the entire period with or without a final balloon payment at the end. A final balloon payment is a larger than normal final amount which in turn helps you with a lower monthly fee. With Lease Finance there is also the option of refinancing the final balloon payment, provided that at the time of your application for finance, there are no changes to your credit profile.

Have a Business?


If your vehicle is being used to run a business then your lease could be up to 100% tax deductible, making your money go the distance. However, if the vehicle is used as a personal asset, then the lease might not be tax deductible, as certain conditions will apply.