Toyota Corolla Hatch

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Toyota Corolla Hatch

The new Corolla Hatch is the kind of hatchback that performs with power but travels light, is obsessed with style and engages all your senses. The Corolla Hatch delivers compelling driving dynamics, remarkable handling and absolute comfort. The Corolla Hatch is giving you one more reason to get behind the wheel and drive your obsession! Now available in bi-tone colours, the Corolla Hatch is your city must-have. Get yours today!


No matter how long or short your drive is, the in-car wireless charging tray means your device can always be effortlessly charged. For extra warmth, you have the front driver and passenger seat heaters* *Available on selected models

What we have to offer

available models

Corolla HB 1.8 XS HEV

From R536500

Corolla HB 2.0 XR

From R566800

Corolla HB 1.8 XR HEV

From R577600

Corolla HB 2.0 XR BT

From R578200

Corolla HB 1.8 XR HEV BT

From R588900