Toyota GR Yaris

A champion built to race, a vehicle born to perform

Toyota GR Yaris

A sports car built for the road and developed directly from Toyota’s championship-winning World Rally experience; the all-new GR Yaris Rally was designed with only true performance-driven individuals in mind. Lightweight, rally competition-inspired, and globally recognised as top in its class, the GR Yaris Rally has an unmatched 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine offering unbridled power, and a GR-Four all-wheel drive system, echoing the essence of Gazoo Racing. A tribute to the ‘golden era’ of Japanese performance cars, the all-new GR Yaris Rally is a one of a kind.


The all-new GR Yaris Rally comes with a myriad of drive support systems which aim to keep the driver secure, and the experience truly Gazoo Racing-inspired. The vehicle comes with Rear Park Distance Control (PDC) that uses sensors to scan behind the vehicle for stationary objects. Hill Assist Control (HAC) which prevents the car from rolling when pulling off on an incline, as well as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) which keeps the vehicle stable for optimum driver safety at all times. The Drive Mode Select empowers the driver to choose the drive they want, and Lane Trace Assist* ensures that the vehicle remains centered in lane, when required, for a safer drive. And when the driver wants to enjoy the purest Gazoo Racing-inspired atmosphere, Active Noise Control* reduces noise for a quieter, and more enjoyable drive. *Available on GR Yaris Rally model

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GR Yaris Rally

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