Toyota Quantum Panel Van

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Toyota Quantum Panel Van

The new Toyota Quantum is a commercial vehicle for true professionals. With unwavering quality, durability and reliability, and updated styling with excellent safety features, the Quantum is ideal for those looking for the perfect professional transport solution.

The Quantum Range

The Quantum range includes panel van and bus derivatives, with the option of a 3-seater panel van in long wheelbase (LWB) and super-long wheelbase (SLWB) configurations, as well as 6-seater long wheelbase (LWB) crew cabs. The bus range offers 11-seater long wheel base (LWB) and 14-seater super long wheelbase (SLWB) versions.

What we have to offer

available models

Quantum 2.8 LWB GL 11-S

From R816700

Quantum 2.8 LWB CC 6-S

From R662500

Quantum 2.8 LWB PV 3-S

From R650900

Quantum 2.8 SLWB PV 3-S

From R698000

Quantum 2.8 SLWB GL 14-S

From R835100

Quantum 2.8 SLWB GL 14-S AT

From R854700